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Hua Hin: Confusion reigns as Prachuap governor issues New Year closure orders

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14 hours ago, Russell17au said:

Quick someone wake him up because he is dreaming again or he is infected with some virus that makes him delusional. Happy New Year RocketDog

Delusional? Yes, for sure. Virus, nope. 

Dreaming, sure. It's become a way of life. 

Admit it, you're envious. 

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Hua Hin will soon have a lot of cases as the girls will all go home and bring back cases from the other provinces. Not very well thought out. Much saver to keep the girls here. The restaurants were busy with people drinking, just larger groups 555.

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Cant make out why PKK has been upgraded as i thought we only had 2 cases the immigration woman and one other(in fact interactive map shows no current cases https://covid19.ddc.moph.go.th/en


Thais near me are getting jumpy about Bangkok people in hotels in PKK and Klong wan from listening to the crowd at my local shop  they certainly aren't welcome and need  to " **** **f " go way home soon



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