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Former abbot gets support after villagers claim he turned to the dark side!

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Former abbot gets support after villagers claim he turned to the dark side!
Picture: Sanook
Villagers in the hamlet of Sap Perp in Wang Pong district of Phetchabun in Thailand's superstitious north central/eastern region have claimed that a former abbot has been dabbling in the occult. 
The claims come after 40 people have died in the village in a matter of only three or four months. 
Many in the village have hung red clothing outside their homes to ward off "Phee Mae Mai" - the widow ghost who is a particularly malevolent spirit well known for carting off menfolk to the netherworld. 
But they are not just blaming Mae Mai - they think the misfortune in the village can be laid at the door of the former abbot of Wat Thep Nimit Khiriwong who is known as Phra Ajarn Sant.
They believe he has turned to the dark side.
Sanook went to the area and found that not all were of that opinion. Indeed, support for Sant is growing among people who say he is a kindly chap who has always followed a righteous path.
One well known singer called Sriphrai,40, who lives locally, said: "It can't be! I don't believe it! Why would he do it - he's a monk. And just one at that".
Sriphai said that Sant was proficient in the arts of prophesy and was a dab hand at divining. If you wanted an expert in luck, Sant was your man. No doubt about that.
But the occult? No, way!  Whenever he had returned to his hometown he had only received blessings and good guidance from Sant.
Assistant phu yai ban Suphat, 49, also voiced his support saying he was a helper of Sant's for four years. He said he never knew him to dabble in darkness or even dally with the deceased. 
In addition Sant built the temple up with his bounteous blessings. 
Source: Sanook
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3 hours ago, nausea said:

The ducking stool is called for, methinks. The real question is does he have a cat or a toad as a pet.

His 'familiar' is an elephant and you gotta believe that's tough to balance on back of a broomstick so he must have power. 

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2 hours ago, RocketDog said:

that's tough to balance on back of a broomstick

Harry Potter had no problem so why the fuss?


Happy New Year,,,,,,,


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Seasons greetings
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On 12/31/2020 at 7:37 AM, khaowong1 said:

There are quite a few monks out there that could be put in this category.  Most are just ignorant. 

Dependent on the type of spirituality that they might dabble in, I reckon...

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