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What Historic Bangkok Bars Do We Have Left?

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11 hours ago, jaiyenyen said:

One place I haven't heard mentioned yet was my personal favourite bar, The Den in Suk Soi 12. It was a big place with a square bar in the middle which had a shark tank above it. There were lots of small cosy seating areas which could be made more private by pulling the muslin curtains around. It had a real Gentleman's Club feel to it. Nice clean ST rooms were next door. I had many happy times in there.


I knew a sexy small girl called Pim who supposedly worked there. She was the perfect girl until she found a reason to complain. That was LOUD.

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1 hour ago, jaiyenyen said:

Unfortunately, The Den closed about 4-5 years ago. I understand that the landlord wanted the land back. It was demolished and something else stands there now.

I think there's still one in Pattaya.

Pattaya seems to have many 'Gentlemens' clubs. I can't work out why they have never been popular in Bangkok.

yeah there's one on Soi Pothole in Pattaya, it's not all that tbh IMO.

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