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Hi All,

I have had my DTAC Pay as you go sim for over 6 years now & have always made sure that the validity never ran out especially while out of the country, I have recently tried to refill my account using my saved credit card on my mobile & also online, but I keep getting a message (Unable to process transaction Please try again) I have tried adding another card to make payment but still get the same message, I am not too concerned as & 400 baht credit & validity runs out on the 1st November 2021.......


Is there a problem with DTAC? Or are my method of payment being blocked etc?


Thanks in advance.....





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Had the same problem myself. Dtac no longer accept foreign credit or debit cards. They said there has been too many fraudulent payments using foreign credit cards. Not sure how that works because I managed to use a third party company in the Netherlands to top up my account until I had time to change to another provider.

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Just had the same problem, in the UK and could not refill with my UK credit card.


But all is not lost. Downloaded the DTAC android app. I could then sign in using my number since I do have international roaming on one number and found out I can use internet banking to top up. So logged out - DTAC app is not needed and does not work to top-up.


Instead logged into my Bangkok Bank account and found a 'top-up' option. Selected Dtac from the list and entered my phone number and topped up with 50 Baht from my bank account.


It worked for me.


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