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3 acts of spontaneous niceness by locals

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12 minutes ago, bluesofa said:

A couple of years ago I was walking in to Udon early on a Friday afternoon. Probably six kilometres to the bar I was going to. I knew I would be drunk, so wasn't driving, My wife was away elsewhere, so I was quite happy to walk.


After less than two km a woman on a motorbike stopped alongside me, asking where I was going. I thought she was chatting me up, so tried to ignore her.

She was persistent, so I told her I was walking into Udon. The look of horror on her face, telling me it was really dangerous!

I laughed at her, as no way could it be considered dangerous unless you were cornered by an aggressive lottery ticket seller.

Laughing at her must have made her think I was unhinged and definitely needed help.

She insisted on giving me a lift, so I accepted. She said she would drop me off at a motorbike repair shop about another kilometre away, and would call a tuk tuk.

She did just that, wouldn't accept any money and drove off. The tuk tuk turned up a few minutes later and dropped me in town.

Looking back it was kind of her, but still baffling.


Also on that same small road I sometimes used to walk to the 7 Eleven. At the time that was the nearest one, three kilometres each way. I walked just for the exercise.

A few times people would stop and try to give me a lift, as Thais don't walk anywhere. I declined every time, which I know just baffles them as to why anyone would want to walk anywhere when they didn't need to.

baffles me too. 😀 

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