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Chiang Mai sprays pubs related to infected nightlife traveler

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Chiang Mai sprays pubs related to infected nightlife traveler




BANGKOK (NNT) - Workers from Chiang Mai municipality have sprayed disinfectant throughout a number of entertainment venues, recently visited by a 25-year-old traveler, now known to have contracted the COVID-19 infection .


According to the traveler’s timeline, she visited five entertainment venues - WarmUp Cafe, Infinity Club, DC, Tha Chang(ท่าช้าง), and the Pretty Club Exclusive. Chiang Mai municipality workers thoroughly sprayed all five venues with disinfectant, especially common touch spots such as doorknobs.


One of the venues, the WarmUp Cafe, also ordered all of its workers to self-quarantine and closed the restaurant for 14 days starting January 4, even though the Chiang Mai Communicable Disease Committee ordered only a 3-day closure.


The other four venues also followed the committee’s order directing the workers to quarantine and close their night clubs for 14 days.


Chiang Mai governor’s secretary, Mr. Paisarn Surathamwit ไพศาล สุรธรรมวิทย์, advised the community today, that Chiang Mai municipality had also disinfected other areas the infected traveler visited including markets, as well as informing local residents to be extra careful as Chiang Mai is facing a rising number of COVID-19 infections.



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