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Chiang Mai airport staffer tests positive for Covid-19

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Chiang Mai airport staffer tests positive for Covid-19





Chiang Mai International Airport has confirmed that one of its staffers had contracted Covid-19.



The airport urged those who had passed through the airport on January 3 or before to get themselves tested and go to hospitals in case they have suspected conditions.


Amornrat Chumsai na Ayutthaya, the airport director, said that his organisation had been informed about a case of infection of a staff working in a tourist help centre in the airport. This person was the 58th patient in Chiang Mai from the latest outbreak.


In response to this information, Amoenrat ordered his subordinates to check CCTV cameras, and the result of this operation showed that the last day the infected official had worked at the airport was on January 3.


However, this official had worn a face mask all the time, and did not touch passengers or other officials. Moreover, the local health office has already contacted all persons at risk.
Amornrat suggested people who had visited the airport on January 3 and before to check themselves and enter hospitals if they had suspected Covid-19 symptoms.


He added the airport would clean the red area – terminal number 6 – from January 8 to 11.
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