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Extension of stay - reason retirement

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Yes, indeed realize that the final 90 day and extension of stay can be done on the same day, provided it is within the month of expiry of the current permission to stay and all paper work completed
Confirmed to me by facebook Immigration  that my last 90 day reporting of  18th January and as on the Monday, I pointed out that often a Monday is the busiest day of the week.
Yes indeed you can come in on Thursday 14th or Friday 15th January and yes want to see my bank book showing the balance of at least 800K and an amount deposited on the day.
Indeed they would see I never ever touch it, unless adding small deposits through the year.
No need for the bank letter and we just want to see the bank pass book and possibly a copy.
Yes, in the past a bit of a headache getting the Manager tied in on a certain date that would be at the branch but good this confirmed to my wife's family just the other week that just bring your bank book in.
Just thought would pass this on but it does depend what province you are in.


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