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Pattaya: Creepy pictures sum up dire state of tourism at once popular resort

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The doll needs to be standing in front of a coconut tree holding and peering at a mobile phone.....

what buzzing again with thousands of Chinese tour groups with their little flags?  Just great.  I prefer it as it is now. 

Those days will return when the virus is under control.walking st will be buzzing again as i remember just like the police van that was always at the front.Many are waiting to get back to thailand fro

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4 minutes ago, A Los for words said:

Who do we pay the bar fine to?

Freelancer, no requirement... just hose her off and leave her money tucked in someplace.

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7 minutes ago, 10baht said:

The only people who would  travel half way across the world during a global pandemic are those who got trapped outside when the Thai Gov't locked people out who actually live here. They extended visas for those stuck in country, but as mine expired while locked out, I had to get a whole new visa to return home.

Yeah , i agree, that is something that they should not have done.
But  just the purpose of a vacation is pretty selfish & dangerous. 

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