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Someone forgot to feed him.    

Thankfully there are other things in life than Thaivisa forums, 555

It has been happening for a few hours now.

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Same here. Now using a vpn and still getting it but refreshing the page eventually seems to bring it up. 

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Two minutes after posting above unable to edit as post moved/removed/too long ago (two tries) - systems in serious self destruct mode it seems.

At any are it is CloudFront not CloudFlare sending these connection refused messages.

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21 minutes ago, lopburi3 said:

It has been unusable since about 1300 and only now sometimes getting forum to answer rather than 403 from cloudflare - still no notice to members that there is anything wrong or even an answer to this thread so suspect moderators are also locked out but the Nation home page seems to be working if anyone wanted to advise there were issues.

censorship... good by freedom of speech, it became a province of China and they are following same protocols  555

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14 minutes ago, Mavideol said:

I do think there is some type of censorship going (recently) around in Thailand as my regular  VPN connection is stopping, same here at TV....  without VPN no problem connecting to the Forums

I cannot connect normally at all - only using the vpn do I eventually get through at the moment.

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