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I think it's snowing in Mongolia and the wind off it is coming straight in my front door.

... agreed, it's surely a bit fresh right now, even been raining for the last 3 hrs down here in Phayao, not more than a drizzle at times but persistent ... @ 10 degrees and fairly windy the cats beha

Up at 0600hrs Scea and it was bloody cold.   I don't expect the wife will surface anytime soon. When she does she will be rugged up like an Eskimo.

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15c here in Ayutthaya but feels more like 5c !!

We usually go up to CM/CR on a road trip around this time of year as the gf thinks it’s fashionable to freeze your goolies off !

I’ve had my fill of the cold weather over the years ☹️


Gave the trip a miss this year, probably the only good thing to come from Covid 😬

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9 minutes ago, sceadugenga said:

To say nothing of the serious injuries that could result...

Not with mine, she is always co-operative.

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1 hour ago, Lacessit said:

I was investigating whether the aircon in my condo was reverse cycle, no such luck.

Usually type at my keyboard in my jocks, two layers of clothing at this point and considering a third.


Winter socks, fleecy lined tracksuit pants, T-shirt and jumper on and I can still feel the cold, albeit it has warmed up since I closed all the curtains in my room, 3 windows and a large sliding door, guess that cold does come in through the windows.

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