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Restrictions could be eased in Bangkok within the next two weeks

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It's honestly so  heartwarming for me to know that i'm living in a country that understands the basic fundamentals on how to successfully control the spread of this virus.  And most of all, thank yo

You high, bro? 

Well said.   And any of the nutters who disagree may want to move to the UK or USA. 

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So I’m in an ASQ in Samut Prakan near the airport. Surely they are not restricting travel from Samut Prakan into Bangkok, are they? I mean the airport is in Samut Prakan. The BTS runs between Bangkok and Samut Prakan. There has to be thousands of roads running between Samut Prakan and Bangkok. Have they thought this through?

I simply want to go from my ASQ to the place I will be renting in Bangkok.

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