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Worst Excess Deaths in the UK Since WW2

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On 1/15/2021 at 4:25 PM, Peter Denis said:

Of course I do not dispute that limiting human contact/interaction will slow (but not prevent!) the spread of the virus.  But the question for me is whether the harmful side-effects of all these protective measures ('for our own good') are worth it.  Imo NOT.  Basically healthy people are not falling like flies in the street, and when your immune system is not challenged by underlying conditions, chances are you will only have small discomfort from 'catching it' and might not even know that you had it.  Yes, and I do not deny the anecdotal stories of the young, healthy adult that was turned into a wreck when catching the virus, but these are the exceptions and by no means the general rule (how many were infected and hadn't even noticed it, until they were mandatory quarantained because of testing 'positive' due to the infection they already overcame).

Obviously we should protect the old and the vulnerable (those with underlying conditions).  But 'forced' protection at all costs has an ugly ring to it.  Elderly in care-homes whose family was not allowed to visit them for months. Shops, often the result of a lifetime of work to build, going bankrupt because of mandatory closing.  Children being denied social contact with other children (which is absolutely necessary for their harmonious development).  I can continue...

And all this for what... a nasty virus (yes I admit it) that is mainly dangerous for the elderly (a look at the average age of a 'covid-death' is illuminating, as it is HIGHER than the average life-expectancy).

Viruses have always been around.  And that didn't stop people from living their lives.  I am very tolerant, and I do not deny those who are afraid of the virus to hide in their homes, and avoid social contact as much as possible.  But it becomes a different matter when everybody is dragged along in that psychosis. Let's hope 2021 will bring back some mental sanity, as that is more needed than the physical barriers and means to 'fight the virus'.

Here here somebody with rational thought going on. My outlook on this whole situation is pretty much in line with the above post. As I have posed these very basic questions to everyone who I have spoken to regarding COVID-19:


Does this so called "pandemic" justify the crippling of literally billions of folks? If so why?

If you where given the choice of losing your life savings or business or taking the risk of getting COVID-19 with a death rate of less than 1% which would you choose? 

Where is the concrete scientific indisputable data showing that masks stop the spread of virus so small it goes right through them? 

Where is the scientific study on the 6 feet social distancing requirement? Why 6 feet? Why not 60? Why not 600? etc..... Let me see why, a very simple question.


IMHO this entire COVID-19 is absolute lie in terms of it's supposed danger to the entire planet. The reason for the last year of drastic measures is obvious to anybody with a rational thinking brain who researches and thinks for themselves. Putting your trust in mainstream media and believing everything they say is not only dangerous but rather naive. One only needs to look back on history which clearly shows how the mass media has been used as a tool in the past. Why would things change now?


In any event, people can believe what they wish and I don't hold grudges or hate anybody regardless of what they may or may not believe, the color of their skin, religion or race. At the end of the day, we all breathe the same air (barely now with these bloody masks) and bleed red blood.


In these immortal words, "if nothing less than a question of freedom or slavery; and in proportion to the magnitude of the subject ought to be the freedom of the debate". Patrick Henry, in other words, "Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death"


Why has real scientific data been silenced over and over proving the opposite of what the "mainstream" parrots? Another simple question that never gets answered in proper debatable fashion. 


Peace and cheers all!  

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Yes, and if you actually took the time to read the story, it quotes - "When the age and size of the population is taken into account 2020 saw the worst overall death rates since the mid 2000s."  

I'm a bit disappointed, all the scare stories were leading me to expect 50% of the population to die. Then I would have been able to afford to return and buy a house, as housing prices would have

Not really. When you consider the UK counts all deaths 28 days after a positive Covid test (even if the person fell off a ladder) we don't know the true number of actual Covid deaths. Also all those p

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On 1/15/2021 at 3:49 AM, Peter Denis said:

Does the fact that some countries are now doing a 2nd or 3rd lock-down, not 'proof' that such measures are not as effective as expected? 

No its doesn't.  It proves that countries like the UK did not also include other measures to prevent the spread when the lockdown ended. The first lockdown worked well but the UK still allowed international travellers to enter - many without quarantine.  There were very few, if any, checks on those that were subject to quarantine. My wife was subject to quarantine (rules changed a couple of weeks later) when she arrived. She, like all other travellers was required to complete a passenger locator form giving her contact details in the UK.  Nobody checked on her and from her communications with other travellers, it seems that nobody was checked. Also, it has taken until today for the UK to require all entrants to provide a negative Covid test.


The virus was never going to be eradicated by lockdowns unless that was total and enforced - and that was never the purpose of them, not in the UK anyway.  The purpose was to contain the virus as much as possible until a vaccine and/or cure could be found.


When the first lockdown ended it was obvious what was going to happen - there are so many reasons but 2 stand out for me - the lax quarantine requirements and kids going back to school after the summer holidays.  The UK government told us on many occasions that kids don't spread the virus - something that anyone who can remember their kids first starting school found incredible but the gov kept ramming that message home.


Kids in the UK went back to school in the first week of September - take a look a graphs showing when the current rise in infections began.


When Boris Johnson King of all U-turns, went on TV this month to announce the latest lockdown he openly stated that kids could not go to school because they transmitted the virus. No apology for his previous claims - just that.


Its a fact that if people don't mix, they can't transmit the virus. Lockdowns of the type we've had in the UK were never going to completely stop transmission because they were never total but they did limit it.  However, there's no point in having a lockdown at all if when it ends, you encourage activity that will aid the virus to spread again.


On top of all that, despite what the UK government may say, people have not been sticking to the rules.  I see infringments every time I go out - supermarkets are 'free for alls', people fail to use gloves at petrol stations, people still mix - I see my neighbours at it every day.  To top it all, the rules were relaxed for Christmas and families visited each other - crazy.

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