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U.S. pursuing seditious conspiracy cases in 'unprecedented' probe of Capitol riot

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Hope they charge Trump and Giuliani for inciting the riot.

Keep in mind that there are over 79 million Trump supporters not involved in any protests.😎

And Eric, Don Jr., Hawley, Cruz, Jordan, etc, etc, etc.  Many were calling for Trump's fans to storm the capitol building.  Violently.   https://www.nytimes.com/2021/01/11/us/politics/republ

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2 minutes ago, Lacessit said:

 Biden won 81 million popular votes, Trump 74 million. Where do you get the extra 5 million?

Oh, I get it. Those were the votes Biden stole from Trump.

Shouldn't that read Trump 82 million....he did win after all.

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7 hours ago, rgraham said:

Keep in mind that there are over 79 million Trump supporters not involved in any protests.😎

Keep in mind that there are also many who would have if they had the funding and time. 

Your point is that many are tarred with the  same brush as the few. I get that. 


My point is that rational people have good reason to question (and will) the judgment of ALL of the 79 million who do support Trump. Some of them may in fact be treated unjustly just as the great majority of Americans, including trump supporters, have been treated unjustly for four years by Republicans and the madman they enabled. 


Life ain't fair and some mistakes can't be ignored or undone. If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. 

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Several posts, and replies to them, have been removed because they cited disallowed sources or didn't cite/link to the original news source.


If you're going to post news information, you need to include a weblink to the original, credible source.


Also, be aware of the forum's updated policy on the use of social media content in news-related subforums:


"18) Social Media content is acceptable in most social forums. However, in factual areas such as news, current affairs and health topics, it cannot be used unless it is from a credible news media source or government agency, and must include a weblink to the original source."

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1 hour ago, Surelynot said:

I was stuck.....just one of those situations......so I knuckled down, feigned interested in what he was saying and asked the odd pertinent question........however that bar is now off limits for the foreseeable!!!

I have been in similar situations a couple of times , didn't hold back.

Forcibly made my points but in a general sense , didn't make it personal.

Both occasions the person in question just looked stunned and dropped the subject , lot of these guys simply crave like minded acceptance .

Of course if you encounter a nutter then all bets are off !

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