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Trump says 25th amendment is 'zero risk to me'

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No worries, mate. Wait until noon Jan 20th. A slew of state-led charges will arrive. 

Me, me and me. As usual, not one word about the important issues such as the beyond belief numbers of new Covid 19 infections and deaths, and more.     I hope he an his wife are held until a

He’s delusional,he is the poster boy for the 25th amendment let’s see just count it up he’s got more Americans killed than the axis powers in ww2 all branches all theaters destabilized nato wrecked ou

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Sadly he is right there is no way the 25th amendment will be enacted, its a legal minefield of opinion.

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Not the 25th but this is interesting.


"McConnell believes impeachment push will help rid Trump from the GOP, but has not said if he will vote to convict"

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Section 4 of the  25th Amendment is not a "new way" . It is only that it has never been invoked before!

I do not understand why Pence is so reticent . Trump and Co. were happy to watch the mob actively  hunting through the Capitol for him expressing  the aim of killing him and  others as a means to destroy the constitutional established seat of Government . Had that been achieved who knows what Trump's actions would have been. IMO  Pence  could easily  justify  invoking  Section 4 citing derangement causing a psychological incapacity to  function according to the Presidential  Oath of Office.

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