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Trump says 25th amendment is 'zero risk to me'

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3 hours ago, Credo said:

It's important to know that it isn't really Deutsche Bank directly funding Trump.  It is the private wealth division of the bank and nobody knows what or who is behind that money.   He actually sued Deutsche Bank some years back.






Not so long ago the senior executive at Deutsche Bank managing trump's account resigned, be interesting to see what dirty laundry will be uncovered. Deutsche Bank previously received Euro 13.5 billion fine for transferring $200 billion of 'suspicious' Russian funds; I assume alternate words for money laundering.


https://www.internationalinvestment.net/news/4021650/deutsche-bank-fined-eur-tardy-flagging-suspicious-transfers#:~:text=Deutsche Bank fined €13.5m for tardy flagging of suspicious transfers,-Christopher Copper-Ind&text=Deutsche Bank has been issued,bank's alleged money laundering activities.



Yes trump countersued deutsche Bank for more than one billion dollars when they called in his debt for a Chicago project, that's when the bank decided to wave over $200 million debt. 

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5 hours ago, simple1 said:


I know, but one would expect there will be financial institutions willing to do business with trump and Co e.g. banks utilised by Russian oligarchs.  I would not be surprised if Deutsche Bank forgave trump debts to minimise  exposure to investigation, as you know fines for large multinational banks for malfeasance can run into billions of dollars.

I don't see how forgiving Trump his debts would forestall an investigation.

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2 minutes ago, placeholder said:

I don't see how forgiving Trump his debts would forestall an investigation.


We will see if forensic investigators will be able to locate relevant data.

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