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Are you enjoying the cold weather?

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I'm not kidding now, just been to my local 7/11 on my bike and it is freezing. Jumper, jeans, hat and gloves tackle. It may say 18 degrees on the weather app but it feels more like 5/6.

Yes it's great...freezing my @rse off ,one thing I know after 30 odd years here I would not survive a U K  winter,  I have a fire app on my TV,sitting in front of it trying to get warm,

Makes a welcome change from the humidity and sweltering heat, doesn't it? 🙂 

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Same here in Cambodia - but absolutely ideal for me (UK), sunshine and no humidity. Cambodian Met Office warning:-


"Temperatures in Cambodia could drop to as low as 11 degrees Celsius today and tomorrow, with lows of 16 degrees Celsius continuing into next week. High pressure winds from the north along with the northeast monsoon are causing the temperature drop".


Currently (5pm) 24C in Siem Reap.

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Well, yesterday, Tuesday, I think I experienced the coldest day in 19 years - which was actually all day, I was cold and wore a jumper for the entire time.


it has always been a bit cold overnight and early morning for a couple of months of December and January but always warmed up to my liking around 27 to over 30C


Today, was almost the same but in late afternoon there was a clear blue sky but not sunny long enough to take off the cold of the day!


I don't like the cold!


Can't easily buy a heater round here but if could, the sun would notice and tell me I didn't need it!

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15 hours ago, Liverpoolfan said:

I had a lay over in Toronto once.

Landed in the middle of February. 

It was -36 outside.

Still nicer than a UK winter mate 😄 

Clean snow and a bright crisp blue sky can be a pleasant experience. Dirty wet snow and people who have no skill driving on ice are miserable


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Back in AUS now enjoying some nice summer weather (18-27c) but miss my Northern Thai winter, Dec/Jan/Feb undoubtedly my favourite time there, cool morning dog walks, golf,  no aircon at night, and everything still fairly green from back end of wet season. 


By March when the heat returns the dryness and dust starts to peak also, usually happens pretty quick, one day you looks around and go "oh %$#@ its here again"

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I didn't sign up for this, I hate the cold and enjoy the hot weather.

This is the longest cold spell I've known in over 10 years, recently only 11 or 12C overnight.

At least the 30/35 km wind has subsided in the last 2days making it a bit more bearable here in Yaso.

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On 1/13/2021 at 8:28 AM, Liverpoolfan said:

Neither would I mate.

Winter in the UK is beyond grim.

It's abysmal. 

I don't mind the cold so much in the UK, it's the wind and rain that I hate, especially both together.

I think the weather in Scotland tends to be much worse than the rest of the UK.

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