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Non O visa: 2 Month insurance in Thailand needed, general medical and COVID cover, what is available?

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I am on a Non O visa. I have travel insurance until Feb1 through my UK bank. I will leave Thailand to return to the UK when my visa expires in early April.


Does anyone know where I can get the mandatory COVID cover, and general medical insurance (though I don't have to buy this to stay in Thailand) for the ten weeks left of my stay in Thailand?



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43 minutes ago, Dazzler said:

I want to avoid the expense of serious medical treatment...

You do not have to apply for the mandatory insurance.

You could check with the companies listed here for insurance. https://longstay.tgia.org/

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Looks like your needs would be best served by subscribing to an 'on the fly' travel-insurance policy for the period of your choice (2 months).

I normally use WorldNomads for short-term travel-insurance purposes, but they do not cover covid-19 treatment (and I do not care about covid).

You could also to cover covid, buy a cheap covid-19 insurance (450 or 850 THB annual fee) from https://www.roojai.com/en/covid/

Alternatively, SafetyWing travel-insurance <  https://safetywing.com/nomad-insurance/ > does include covid-19 treatment coverage, and their conditions/coverage are approx same as WorldNomads, so SafetyWing would probably be your best bet.

>> Note you could also check-out Revolut  < https://www.revolut.com/ > but not sure whether you could subscribe to their credit-card from abroad.  The low annual fee of the Revolut credit-card does include a generous travel-insurance package (including covid-19 coverage).

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10 minutes ago, Peter Denis said:

Note you could also check-out Revolut

Revolut is trip based and must commence and end in your home country.

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Thanks guys, I had already checked out Revolut as a cardholder but upgrade for the insurance as already in Thailand wasn't posscible. Had found Safetywing and glad now to have some more options as couldn't find a lot out there...

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On 1/13/2021 at 4:25 AM, ubonjoe said:

Why do you want to buy it since it is not required for your stay here in the country.



May be I misunderstood what you previously posted  https://forum.thaivisa.com/topic/1197228-non-immigrant-visa-o-retirement-visa-and-a-re-entry-visa-to-thailand/?tab=comments#comment-16089415



But as you will see on that page you will need the following insurance valid to at least the day your re-entry permit expires. It is the same insurance required for a OA visa.


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