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Netizens criticize "Thai officials' stupidity" after they did THIS to a fire hydrant

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Why did they not wait till someone had an accident and died which seems the norm here, as happened near me not so long ago, power pole was not moved when widening the road, after the accident they tied a red rag around it and weeks later moved it. L O Stupidness. ""You can trust in Thailand'' to stuff most things up.

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22 hours ago, nahkit said:

A few years ago they installed cats eyes on a section of road leading to our village. A couple of weeks after that they came and laid new tarmac on the road, covering all of the cats eyes. A few days later they had a crew in the middle of the road with metal poles, breaking the tarmac off the cats eyes.


No idea if that's standard practice but it seemed a strange way of doing it to me.

Cover with white tape is the tried and approved method

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