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Video: Large swathes of Cha-Am beach washed away - trees down - in high winds/waves

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Video: Large swathes of Cha-Am beach washed away - trees down - in high winds/waves



Picture: 77kaoded


A video posted by 77kaoded showed large numbers of pine trees felled by high waves and winds and consequent beach erosion at Cha-Am beach in Phetchaburi. 


They said that a stretch of the beach of  up to 250 meters had been eroded to a depth of three meters. 


The local mayor was busy coordinating efforts and advised tourists to stay out of the water during the monsoon season. 


Source: 77kaoded



-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2021-01-13
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Cha-Am doing its bit to ensure that the oceans will have more weight of plastic in them than fish biomass by 2050 by placing plastic sacks of sand against the erosive power of the waves. Definitely need to chuck more plastic, tyres and household waste on the beach to protect it from erosion, and the tourists will soon come flocking back. New slogan: "Clean sand, clean seas, welcome to Cha-Am". 

The politician interviewed quite clearly didn't have clue what he was talking about, but knew that this was a great opportunity to line his own pockets, with a new construction project in the offing. Concrete, plastic, litter, no trees, fish and other marine life, what's not to like?

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