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Pattaya: North Pattaya now "beautiful" after ugly wires buried and power poles demolished

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22 hours ago, jacko45k said:

Haven't been near it since all that started, it was bad enough without the roadworks. Anybody out there want to kill time doing a pictorial post? 

1st they sealed off Tai at 3rd road so you couldn't get out going up.  Then they moved up concreting bits of road to allow access to those businesses that paid the going rate. Now you've got Thai drivers chancing their arm (& the front of my car) by going the opposite way against those seeking access to the town.  I'm guessing this has been going on 6 months and NOT ONCE have I seen a cop.

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2 minutes ago, Bangyai said:

Great ....... Until the first serious rains and usual flooding.

You people were saying the same thing non-stop about the traffic tunnel.

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On 1/13/2021 at 3:12 PM, jacko45k said:

Betchya  I still can't walk down many a pavement without being impeded by a concrete pole!

especially certain sections on beach road where the width of pavement is less than 100cm and there is a 40cm  concrete pole base in the middle

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