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Pattaya: Foreigners and Thai bar staff taken away and charged after noisy drinks party is busted

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waiting for someone to turn up with a bottle opener ..

It is NOT the new UK super strain, it is a variant ( Mutation ) that has been found in numerous countries & with people that have no recent or any travel history, stop with the exaggeration.

The same as would happen to locals....

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6 minutes ago, Kaopad999 said:

I concur

Makes me think of being in Saudi Arabia during Ramadan. Anybody caught smoking, eating or drinking during sun-up,  (fasting), times, could be jailed until the end of Ramadan, at most a month away.  Have to wonder if something similar, ie until the end of restrictions, is a bit too much.... 

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Just now, jacko45k said:

That sounds like a bit too uch, but anything is possible and they should have more sense than to risk so much.

Almost constant coverage on Thai news TV currently about covid, which naturally includes coverage of the worst affected countries and the new UK super strain spreading across the globe.


If you were a Thai sitting at home, following the rules what would you want happen to these foreigners? 

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