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Where can I buy a new colour laser / multifunction laser printer in Buriram, preferably Nangrong or nearer to Non Suwan ?

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I have a few Xerox WorkCentre 6515DNI in my company and want something similar if not lunatic priced for my daughter while she spends some months in Thailand.


I see some prices but they are like 400% of UK prices and £1000 isn't what I'm looking to pay.


I know Lazada and invade-IT but are there any other resources ?


I don't know of any places in Buriram or Nangrong.

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How much are you willing to pay?  Multifunction colour laser printers are nowhere near as cheap as inkjet ones, and can be hard to find in upcountry shops, though I haven't looked in the shop above.  I recently purchased a Brother one, that performs just like a mini Xerox WorkCentre, from Lazada for around 12,000 Baht, and received it in Buriram 2 days after placing the order.  They do come a bit cheaper if you don't want things like an auto page feeder and 2 sided printing, but I wanted the convenience of a WorkCentre, and am glad I went for the one I did.

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