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Do I have enough money to live in Thailand, and how to do it

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So I recently sold my house in the UK. I have around 600,000 pounds in my UK bank account. Divorced, I have no pension, no other savings, investments or assets and I am 42 years old.


I would like to permanently retire and live in Thailand, leading a modest lifestyle. 


I have no knowledge of finance, business (other than my original trade in the UK which I cannot do in Thailand )


I was wondering if this sum of money is enough, and if so what I should do with it to best see out my days in retirement here (I enjoy writing and wish to do it full time)


Thanks in advance for any suggestions and help ( please no replies about "why Thailand" , "other places are better" and so forth)



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Come to Thailand. Soon you will meet other people who will tell you about those great business opportunities. Like invest 500k and a year later you will have a million. That's the usual way for new gu

I live here in a nice 3 bedroom house with a younger Thai woman and 2 Thai kids. Costs me around 12kgbp/year, 600k would last me 50 years. 40,000bht/month.   If you had the will po

Over my garden wall earlier this week ....... not exactly Jungle. On the other side of the house is 7-11/Mini BigC/swimming pool, within about 200m. I'm 12Km from the moat in Chiang Mai, 1KM

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