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Landlady refusing to give 130,000 baht deposit back after moving out-what can I do?

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If you gave her a 130,000 baht deposit........than means you either paying 130k baht a month or 65k/month...........Jesus!!! Why so much? Where are you staying, the royal palace?   For Thail

For 9 years here, it was only once, when the landlord tried to keep the deposit (75k), fixed by one call to my friend in the police. Got my money 15 minutes after.    You should go to police


59 minutes ago, mangyH2obuffalo said:

She simply says that she doesn't have the money.

Look that you have a witness for the statement that the only reason is that she doesn't have the money. Also let her explain what she thinks when and how you will get the money. Make a recording of this whole conversation. Write down with the witness the main statements and let the witness sign this. It might help you with further actions. 

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