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What is the name of the paper you need to get from immigration to get a driver's license renewed

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2 hours ago, kwonitoy said:

If you've got a yellow book that will work in lieu of a Certificate of Residence. Renewed my DL last month with it in Udon

For info - Pattaya DLT do not accept   yellow book. Work permit or Cert of Residence.

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i think you can not renew ur drives license currently in Pattaya, you better check



here in phuket they are NOT allowing anyone to do renewals as they are closed cause of covid.

They tell ya to call them after April 1st 


Good luck

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17 hours ago, Bigz said:

Yes. Just get a 40-50 baht certificate from a local private mini clinic.

NOT correct. You don't need it for a 5 years renewal. And medical certificate as you mention is not valid anymore. It's the new version that has to be issued by a Dr. mentioning you don't suffer several diseases......

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