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U.S. executes first woman on federal death row in nearly seven decades

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On 1/14/2021 at 8:53 AM, Tug said:

Donald must be proud 

Nothing to do with him, she was sentenced by the courts before Obama came into office. He could have let somebody stay in prison the rest of her life- somebody who strangled an expectant mother then cut her baby out of her womb, but why should he have. How would you feel if the slaughtered victim had been a relative. Playing the mentally ill card was just a lie, she could reply when asked if she had any last words, could not even aplologise.

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Of course Lisa Montgomery was mentally unstable, killed an innocent young mother and needed to be locked up probably forever. But read about her heinously cruel upbringing where she was regularly tort

Yes, I know what she did. That's why I said she should be locked up probably forever.   Trump deliberately rushed to approve the execution by the state of Lisa Montgomery knowing that in a w

Why should I care that this horrible human was put to death? 

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I think the administration has killed all those that it can, so there's that.


Justice Sotomayor slams government for "unprecedented rush" in federal executions in dissent: "This is not justice"


As noted in Sotomayor's opinion, the Federal Death Penalty Act was enacted in 1994. Before July 2020, only three people had been federally executed — two in 2001 and one person in 2003. 


After a 17-year hiatus, President Trump resumed federal executions in July 2020. By December, the U.S. government had executed more people within the year than all the states that still conduct executions. 







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