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Southern flooding improves slightly

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Southern flooding improves slightly




PATTANI (NNT) - Villages in Pattani are still submerged under flood water, despite some slight improvement as the upstream reservoir has stopped discharging water. It is expected the flooding will take several days to subside.


The water level in Pattani City this morning was unchanged, with roads and houses located along the Pattani River still submerged.


Local officials have placed steel barriers blocking the road, to prevent cars from generating waves which will further damage the buildings and shops. Key roads accessing the city center are still heavily flooded, making it difficult for motorists to travel and and out of the city.


8 districts in Pattani are currently flooded, with some 14,000 households and 348 hectares of farmland affected.


In nearby Yala province, local health officials have recommended that villagers, in areas where the flooding has subsided, quickly clean their houses, furniture and items submerged under water to prevent water-borne and related diseases, especially respiratory diseases, athlete’s foot, conjunctivitis, leptospirosis and dengue fever.


Villagers are advised to eradicate all places where mosquitos can breed, refrain from waking in water for a prolonged period, eat well cooked meals, drink clean water and always wash their hands after using the toilet. They are also urged to examine their houses for any dangerous structural damage.



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