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Thailand says on track to use Sinovac vaccine, despite trial data

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An absolute waste of money and further risking peoples lives with an inadequate vaccine . 

doesn't sound like a medical decision but more like a weighted financial one - I wonder who's pocket is getting padded   Careless and doesn't inspire confidence 

The Daily Mail - about as trustworthy as the Chinese vaccine in my opinion.

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Thing is there's so many becoming available it'll be a job knowing the dodgy ones from the good stuff .. 

I reckon they should put food dye in them to help the public make their choice like red for the iffy ones , blue for the ones you gotta keep in the fridge and green for the proper gear .. 

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The BBC has been on this all day ,this Chinese vaccsin is only  50%  effective ,which you could say is about right ,as we have been told vaccines normal take years to research ,test and then produce ,

All these  vaccines have been researched, tested ? and produced in a matter of a few months, they were bound to be a few problems ,lets wait and see when all the other vaccines  are used on mass over the next few months . 


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