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Renewing Drivers License during COVID 2021

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Hi there,


I live in Sakon Nakorn and am wondering how I can renew my 2 year drivers license during covid?


My wife was telling me about logging in online but that is just for Thai people or someone that has a 13 digit ID number which most farang don't have. 


So can I walk into the DLT with the correct papers and renew my license?


Do I need a appointment?


Also I heard in the past about getting a extension from the DLT and you could drive around with a expired license due to COVID and that was no problem since you can't renew?


If that is the case would the police give you a problem with a expired license? Also if you got into a accident would the insurance not cover you because your license is expired?


I have lots of questions about this and it is as clear as mud.


Anyone have the facts about this?




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If I was in your boots.

Ask your wife to Telephone your local DLT and see if someones there to help.


Go to your local police station and ask what there position is on not being able to renew your Thai DL I believe there's some kind of amnesty  during C19.


Telephone your voluntary Insurance company and ask what there position is on not being able to renew your Thai DL.


You have insurance cover with your CTP with or without a DL so you are not uninsured. 



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Seems to depend where you are. I just renewed mine in Kalasin at the motor dept.. no problems.  Copies yellow book, passport & visa.... 505 Bt.. tell a red, yellow & green light from each other.. step on the brake quickly.. out the door under 1 hour   🙂 ...Oh.. doctor's certificate too.. good for  5 years... 


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As of right now DLT is not doing any of the testing required to renew licenses.  You will have to wait it out for now.


You do need to make an appointment for the testing first.  I renewed my 5 year license just before they shut it down for Covid-19 reasons.  First I had to do the reaction/vision tests and then watch a 46 minute video(no test on it).   Also after the 1st 5 year license you don't need the medical statement.


The online course can only be completed with a Thai ID number that allows you to skip watching the video in DLT.

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If you not far I suggest you go there personally and ask(with wife/gf if you don't speak thai). You may get it done very easily. Go in the afternoon. These provincial offices tend to be very busy in the mornings but dead quiet in the afternoon. I done mine a few months ago in Buriram. Never booked online just turned up. Was rejected first due to the under consideration stamp in my passport but once I had the proper 1 year stamp I got the 5 years licence in less than an hour.

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Also in my province they suspended the video watching thingy since covid started last year so it is actually quicker right now. Your province may be different though. 

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I renewed my expired 2 year temporary bike licence this week at my local DLT office, in and out within 20 minutes.


255b for a 5 year licence, 50b for medical cert, 500b for residence certificate from Udon Thani immigration.


Only had to do the coloured light, depth perception & peripheral vision tests, no videos.


 I got stopped on Monday on the main road out of Udon and handed the police my licence thinking it was still valid, finish ! 200b he says, <deleted> I thought, but handed him my valid car licence and he waved me on, he never looked on the reverse. 

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