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All being well, Thailand will celebrate Songkran this year: Health Ministry

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Obviously trying to break the record for road deaths during this stupid festival. I wish it could be banned indefinitely.

Just hope we can travel somewhere to get away from the madness.

Here's a chance to cancel it permanently.

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the last year songkran was cancelled on 18th March, so less than 4 weeks in advance. Possibly it will go in zero infections provinces and strictly barred in red ones.

I do think the government are trying to boost it's popularity and show covid success, give people hope for future.

Possibly with this announcement they are trying to convince to strictly follow rules and have some 10 days of songkran this year (it's in the middle of week, tuesday-thursday) as a reward.

But how the second wave will play out is too early to guess. It might last until hot weather comes sometimes in March.

The quantity of vax (some 800k) from china will come only on 8th March, before they are distributed and start to work would be the end of month.

Personally I don't plan to travel anywhere at that time, because traffic jams and overflowing hotels, but will do many short mid-week brakes before that. Still many provinces are opened and travel is possible.

I am afraid, that red zone provinces around bangkok will be growing, probably samut songkran, nakhom pathom or even some districts in bangkok. The sixth red province included just a few days ago is samut prakan, which is very well integrated with bangkok


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