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PM Prayut asks people to provide information about gambling dens

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PM Prayut asks people to provide information about gambling dens




BANGKOK (NNT) - Previously, Prime Minister and Defense Minister, Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha, assigned the Deputy Prime Minister, Prof. Dr. Wissanu Krea-ngam, to set up a committee to probe gambling venues in the country. Now, the committee members have been appointed, and people have been urged to cooperate by reporting related information to various government channels.


People can send information about gambling dens via the government’s 1111 hotline service, Post Office Box 1111, www.1111.go.th, the PSC1111 mobile application and the 1111 Service Center at Government House, Bangkok, during office hours. The Prime Minister has insisted that all provided information will be kept confidential and will be investigated, so as to eradicate these illegal activities.


The Deputy Prime Minister said he had received a list of names of the committee members, but it is not yet complete. The panel will be divided into two groups. The first will oversee illegal migrant workers, and the other will look into gambling activities. The panel is not responsible for making arrests and conducting investigations, but it will monitor, examine complaints, provide clues and follow up on related tasks. A committee chairperson has been chosen. Details of other committee members are now being examined.


The Deputy Prime Minister, Gen. Prawit Wongsuwan, said he had received a report about officials who are involved in the smuggling of migrants, involving ethnic minority groups. The Thai government has regularly coordinated with the Myanmar authorities, and the Royal Thai Police have set up a committee to investigate the issue. Gen. Prawit called on members of the public to provide information about illegal migrants and gambling dens on the government’s 1111 hotline.






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What with the sudden urge to purge gambling dens all of the sudden? is this the only ills of the Thai way of living right now? is everything else has no priority now only this sudden needs to rid the country of gambling i wonder? here is the thing PM, as hard as you'll try, there will ALWAYS be gambling dens in Thailand...

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2 hours ago, ChipButty said:

Thailand turning into the land of snitches, how much do we get paid?

I don't see any snitches here if people report law breakers. Knowing about such illegal activities and not reporting them helps such illegal activities. Do you want to support criminals? 

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