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PM Prayut - Government can handle COVID-19 outbreak

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If I can see single figures by the end of the month they will have handled it well

although if his servants had done the right thing & done their jobs correctly from the start we may have never seen double figures

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4 hours ago, Tarteso said:

Can Facebook block this guy from his account? 🤔

The people who run Facebook are even more incompetent than this unelected "PM". They banned me for three days

for referring to people who take part in terrorist activities as a four letter word starting with s and ending with m.

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10 hours ago, webfact said:

PM Prayut - Government can handle COVID-19 outbreak


Is... 'handling'.... the COVID-19 outbreak...'today'...the same as having it 100% under control....a year ago?



January 27, 2020

Thailand’s PM assures coronavirus situation is “100% under control”

100% II - Copy.jpg

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha has assured the public that the novel coronavirus situation in Thailand is “100% under control” and that he will personally take charge of overseeing the operations of all related agencies to deal with the virus



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I think that it would be an excellent show of "financial-solidarity" with The Little People if The Members of The Lower and Upper Houses were to forego their salaries for the duration of the period of The State-of-Emergency.


[  --  But (unfortunately) it's (probably) unlikely that that would happen.]  


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