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What happened 30 years ago ?

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As a married family man ,Pattaya is a great place to live now ,as a single guy who came on his first visit nearly 30 years ago ,oh boy it was fanbloomintastic, i had no idea what sort of a holiday i was coming to ,as i had only been told about what it was like in Thailand by an ex boyfriend of my daughters,he had never been here so never told me about bars and the girls ,wow ,was it good ,200 baht short time ,500 baht all night and the girls were all young slim and pretty,as for the beach yes i was warned not to go into the water as the sewige pipes ran directly into the sea in the beach area, but hey ,who wanted to go to the bloomin beach anyway.

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30 years ago......Mobile phones did not exist, social media did not exist, life was good!     

My first visit there was almost 29 years ago (Songkran 1992), and it was well known that the water was quite polluted.  I recall there was a warning about this in Lonely Planet guide at the time.

I was able to dig up this story about Pattaya's beaches 30 years ago: "It is the height of the season in Pattaya, one of the biggest moneymakers in Thailand’s tourism boom. The Gulf of Thailand is a

2 hours ago, Darkside Gray said:

First came to Pattaya in 1981, I cannot remember the sea!

After 2-3 nights in Bangkok, followed by a few in Pattaya, I had to cut back and the rule was then 1st beer at sunset on the beach. So got familiar with the idea of there being sea.

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I saw the beach on my first trip here in 1993. On my first day in Pattaya (which was after spending the first 3 days in Bangkok), I walked from my hotel in North Pattaya all the way down Beach Road, marvelling at all the bars/shops/restaurants along the way.
I recall walking past the (fake) Muay Thai match being held at a beer bar complex at the start of Walking Street, then another at the Marine Bar. Got to the Big Buddha tree and there didn't seem to be much of interest past that so I went back to the Marine Bar.

That's as close as I got to Pattaya Beach for the rest of the trip. Did go to the far end of Jomtien Beach once, to have supper at a restaurant where the road ended. (I recall wondering why the road just "ended" at that point but I was kind of distracted by other things so didn't give it much thought.) The restaurant had tables and chairs set up on the beach where they'd serve the meals.

Never tried the water at either place though, and not because of anything I'd heard. Just wasn't much of a "beach boy" in those days (or before then, or after for that matter) so I had no idea what the water was like. I saw people on the beaches but it wasn't crowded.

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On 1/14/2021 at 8:24 AM, jacko45k said:

There was a bloodless coup.

The coup in 1989 was bloodless, but the aftermath, in 1992, definitely wasn't.  The bodies from Black May still haven't been found.

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