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Pattaya massage shop busted for breaching COVID-19 rules

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Gesturing hand signals and wide open mouths are the give away for me.   That reminds me, my back is acting up.......

Come on there are dozens of massages shops in Pattaya where you can at the moment enjoy a massage these girls just try to do some money, they are not drug dealers give them a rest,

The reality sadly is that 'particularly if you have no money, you still have to obey laws'.... if you have plenty, not so much!

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17 minutes ago, kingofthemountain said:

I live in Pattaya so we can meet tonight at 6 pm if you want in front of WS entry

where was the now closed beergarden bar complex.

And yes i am sure in the next months much more people will come to live here on the beach

ok, i'll have a red rose on my lapel.


see you there.

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6 hours ago, mr mr said:

i read online before that a good way to distinguish between a massage shop and a massage shop was to look for the girls with the short skirts. 

So, it was a massage shop? 

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15 minutes ago, skorp13 said:

I'm not one for breaking the law but you can't really blame them for trying. These people have been left with nothing and no government help. They had to try, i feel very bad for all suffering as a result of what is happening

True, most of the massages girls are single mom

sending money every month to their parents in the village to take care of their childs

the massage shop owner is often an ex massage girl with a foreign partner (Hence the

monsy to open the shop) and the shop house the girls, they live here full time like a family

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On 1/14/2021 at 10:41 AM, Lacessit said:

So many kind-hearted farangs on TV, I wonder how the trolls manage to find breathing space.

Some don't need to find breathing space, just look at the emoticans, it is not hard to notice the same regular user name that keeps cropping up with the :crying: saddos.


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23 hours ago, onebir said:

If you have no money you have to obey more laws.


I don't have a lot of money compared to some expats, but I do not obey laws I don't agree with if I can find a way around it which in most cases I can.

While I'm here, what does FTFY stand for?

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