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Cold and deserted: The story of two of Thailand’s most popular destinations

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Cold and deserted: The story of two of Thailand’s most popular destinations




Thai media in both Pattaya and Chiang Mai had similar stories to tell. 


Places were deserted and cold. 


Pictures published by Siam Chon News overnight showed that Soi Dogs were the only ones out in Pattaya since the resort was placed in the highest level of Red Zone Covid-19 restrictions. 


Seats and the sands were empty and the roads were almost bereft of traffic.


A temperature sign at the Met Office read 19.3C.


In the north Chiang Mai108.com admin reported with pictures of a deserted area at the Night Bazaar.



Picture: Chiang Mai108


But they found some comfort in the warmth from an infrequently used heater in their car.


Temperatures were at 15C in Muang district last night. 


Thailand is experiencing a cold snap in its upper areas this week with earlier reports suggesting that the cold weather will continue until early next week. 


Sources: Siam Chon News Chiang Mai108 




-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2021-01-14
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5 hours ago, bristolgeoff said:

cnx night bazzar so quiet,pattaya the same.the virus is affecting everyone.the times i have being there when it was full of tourist.They will return again soon

Is that a definite maybe? 

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Although the vaccines have come out, we are still in the infancy of the pandemic.  There are billions of people to inoculate, and this will take a very very very long time.  

To say that tourism will return "soon" is illogical, and a view not shared by a single industry expert on the planet, except for the Thai government but we all know what kind of delusion they spew on everything daily.  

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