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Thailand’s first factory quarantine facility up and running

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Thailand’s first factory quarantine facility up and running





Pattaya Food Group (PFG) has converted its factory in Samut Sakhon into the country’s first factory quarantine facility for treating and isolating Covid-19 patients, the government’s Covid-19 Information Centre posted on its Facebook page on Wednesday.


“The factory used to manufacture canned foods under the Nautilus brand, but it is now a 600-bed quarantine facility,” the centre said.


“The facility is divided into three zones: a green zone in front is the reception area, a yellow zone is where medical professionals are stationed and where they will change their clothes, and a red zone will house infected patients,” it said.




The centre also said the red zone features a dining area, toilets, shower rooms, a washing room and an exercise area. Patients will not be allowed to leave this zone until they are cleared of the virus.




The centre thanked PFG for being socially responsible and being a role model for other businesses to convert their facilities for Covid-19 treatment and quarantine.




On Wednesday, Samut Sakhon reported 208 new Covid-19 cases, with the number of accumulated cases in the province being 3,760 patients as of now. Some 320 are undergoing hospital treatment, 564 have been cured and one person has died. The province has 1,032 persons under quarantine, while 1,843 were announced clear of the virus.


Source: https://www.nationthailand.com/news/30401215



-- © Copyright The Nation Thailand 2021-01-14
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39 minutes ago, Mavideol said:

why they did it? is there a need for it, is there something that they are not telling us, as usually, it's quite confusing, one post says the infections are going down yet the number shows them going up, the building of this facility also contradicts their optimism or maybe, maybe.... I don't know anymore 555 

looks like an out brake in this factory, all positive. So they have to cease production. 

Better for the company to treat their own workers in one place and under own control than allowing them to get substandard treatment in government facilities spread in different provinces.

Probably this factory will get financial compensation, tax break for their outstanding stance  

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2 minutes ago, Justgrazing said:

You'd bake in those Khazi's on a hot day before you backed one out .. 

Next headline 

" Factory quarantine inmates found unconscious from heat exhaustion after going for a pony " ..

...and claims quarantine facility the new wonder weight-loss system.

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4 hours ago, harada said:

What they need is an ISOLATION facility not a huge sardine can where if one person gets it they all get it, I think that I would prefer to take my chances out in the open air. 

Did you actually read and understand the story? 

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