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Uncertainty over availability of COVID-19 vaccinations for expats in Thailand

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Exactly. I think this thread is just stirring up worry for no reason.    If an expat can’t afford a covid shot, they shouldn’t be in Thailand. I am sure the 800,000 for retirement visa or 400,0

Thailand has authorized importation of approved vaccine by private hospitals (when there is an approval) so it should be available for those who can afford.

This is complete fear mongering nonsense. The WTTC said the other day that its discrimination and not necessary. The CEO of AirAsia backed up these statements.  No country is going to want to kill its

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3 minutes ago, at15 said:

I read travel news everyday. I saw that weeks ago. Tyrannical nonsense , some airlines CEO giving his opinion on the matter. Its not up to airlines, only governments. Who will follow what the IATA, WTTC, and WHO put out. Which is always testing remains the only way.

Right.  An airline CEO talking nonsense...talk about nonsense. 


Did you read how they can get around testing?  Guess not...probably in the travel news you read everyday.

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