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Uncertainty over availability of COVID-19 vaccinations for expats in Thailand

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Exactly. I think this thread is just stirring up worry for no reason.    If an expat can’t afford a covid shot, they shouldn’t be in Thailand. I am sure the 800,000 for retirement visa or 400,0

Thailand has authorized importation of approved vaccine by private hospitals (when there is an approval) so it should be available for those who can afford.

This is complete fear mongering nonsense. The WTTC said the other day that its discrimination and not necessary. The CEO of AirAsia backed up these statements.  No country is going to want to kill its

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I will wait and see if the "herd" has any negative effects from a vaccine before taking it. The "Lone Wolf" strategy vs "the herd" has been a viable option for thousands of years.

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1 minute ago, bkk6060 said:

I bet by next month the major private hospitals will have some vaccine program.

Hopefully, the good ones not from China.

If you`re talking next month then it`ll likely be the Sinovac (China) vaccine as nothing else is available, unless private hospitals have managed to get any other vaccines by themselves.


You`ll most likely have to wait to at least April/May/June for any other vaccines, if we`re going by Thailand`s own schedule. Things may of course change, but I doubt there will be anything else available to the public before April. Vaccines also has to go through an approval process.

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2 hours ago, Natai Beach said:

Exactly. I think this thread is just stirring up worry for no reason. 

If an expat can’t afford a covid shot, they shouldn’t be in Thailand. I am sure the 800,000 for retirement visa or 400,000 for marriage visa money will more than cover it. 
if they are on a working visa that will also cover it. 
Some will expect it for free I am sure.

I am happy to wait my turn and do whatever the thai authorities ask us to do. Give it to the frontline health workers first, then all the oldies and fat people.


If they require us all to eventually vaccinated then we will, it is their country, their rules. 

And they have been very successful handling it, much better than western countries, so we are not really in the position to start complaining and telling them how to handle it. 

I am sure some will. They then have to make a choice. Do what Anutin tells us to do or find some other country to live in.

It's not a matter of cost it's the fact that they're not even saying there will be any to purchase. 

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27 minutes ago, Haddo said:

The FCCT hosted an online discussion last night on Covid-19 & Thailand's Vaccine Strategy:


Interesting. From 8:19 you`ll see a spreadsheet overview on the as-of-now data on the effectiveness of the vaccines. 68% on the AstraZeneca is a bit disappointing but should be said under 70% effectiveness is actually very common for vaccines. I think the Pfizer and Moderna vaccine`s effectiveness will be adjust to a lower number than 90% when more data is available, but if it actually is around 90%, I hope Thailand will be making some effort in securing these vaccines.

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Thailand still has not managed to secure sufficient vaccines for its own citizens. Expats are unlikely to be able to secure a covid vaccine privately in Thailand this year as all vaccines are in short supply. This is one of the perils of living abroad

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43 minutes ago, Natai Beach said:

1. For three months and then spent on living expenses 

2. If they are vulnerable it might be time to return to the safety net of their home country.

Unfortunately, my large four generation family, many of whom I helped raise, educate, and still support  in many ways, won't let me go.


What to do?


They also asked me to get vaccinated as soon as possible, although I've already provided them as much sars protection as medically possible at this time.


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