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Thai health officials try to clear the air amid concern over China's Sinovac vaccine

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The elites will have the Western vaccines. The masses will be lucky if their Sinovac isn't actually a forgery.

Course not.

and sure we will believe anything out of Chinese mouth 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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still, this vax will be used in brazil. It's used since yesterday in indonesia, officials there do think it's efficacy is some 65%.

As astrazeneca is already being approved it would be imported first in small quantities by private hospitals, and at price, probably in thousands.

Pfizer might also be fast tracked, but it would be up to 10k baht.

So  health workers have no choice, but to take sinovac. Nobody else is able to deliver fast 2 mln jabs.

When the larger batch of 800k sinovac arrives to thailand in March, it would be much more clear, how really effective it is.

By then they might change dosage, recommend more than one jab. Producer can twitch vax, depending on mutations in each country, but it takes some 6 weeks before updated production can start.


There is probability, that brasilian results are poor, because of the different mutation, than those in china.


Most important should be safety of vax, no side effects. Efficacy is now secondary, as there is not much choice.


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18 minutes ago, 2530Ubon said:


China has been busy injecting some of their people with it as lab rats, but China hasn't even approved this vaccine yet for it's own domestic market. This is due to a lack of efficacy and safety data.

It's an absolute joke that it could be getting approval here before approval in it's country of origin.



Has it  actually been approved   by the Thai powers that be ?

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