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Using a VPN bans you on Thaivisa?

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I was using a VPN to a Thai server, for another purpose, while I was still logged in to Thaivisa.


When I refreshed the page, unknowingly the VPN was still active, I get a banned page. Refreshing or going to the main portal, still results in the same banned page.


Disable VPN, and here I am again.


Someone can explain



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Simply posting that a VPN gets you banned on ThaiVisa could get you banned on ThaiVisa.  

Use a VPN all the time...no problems

A time-VPN relaying a message from the future?

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VPN is great, and in my case the only time the page fails to be accepted is when the free VPN times out...  


My common tests to invoke whenever a TV glitch occurs; is to actually switch O that free VPN and LogIn afresh (or vice versa if the glitch happened whilst not on vpn

 - the above always clears the air if it wasn't some internal TV glitch 


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4 minutes ago, timendres said:

Posting over VPN right now. Maybe it is the country of the VPN server that is the issue?


From the OP


15 minutes ago, Susco said:

I was using a VPN to a Thai server,


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Just now, tifino said:

I always use the free Hola one 

 - it basically give me air time in 2 hour lots, and regularly needs restarting, with a 59 minute re-establishment delay...

... and whilst that delay is in progress, I just leave it be ticking down - and I start a new window non-vpn... 

Really, it onl;y becaomes a good tool when someone posts content (video etc) that needs the viewer to appear in the country of origin of that video...

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11 minutes ago, KhunBENQ said:

Just tried NordVPN to connect to a Thai VPN server (never tried before).

And the connections fails, endless spinning wheel over and over.



You mean connection to the VPN server fails, or connection to TVF?


I just also discovered on my phone, I had to set to WireGuard protocol to connect to Thai server. Other servers worked on IPsec

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Just now, KhunBENQ said:

I fail trying to connect to the VPN server in Thailand.

So can not contribute to your case.


I had the same, had to change to wireguard to be able to connect to Thai server. IPsec would not connect me, though it would connect to other servers


Just did it again, and here is the page I got



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