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C-section scar revision

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Large scars are part and parcel of C-sections in Thailand, my GF has one. Government hospitals, say no more.

If it bothers your GF, by all means. If it only bothers you, accept it as part of her. I do.

I'd suggest Sheryl is probably the best person to consult for a recommendation. PM her if she does not respond to this thread. It should be in the health and medicine forum anyway.

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Where in Thailand are you?


in Bnagkok, Yanhee would be a good choice.


This is nto difficult to do, but of course she will still have a long scar, just a thinner one

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Yanhee would be your best bet. Bangkok Pattya Hospital  can do it but would cost significantly more.


Do NOT consider small plastic surgery/cosmetic clinics, while the surgery is not complex it will require general anesthesia and should only be done in a hospital setting for safety reasons.


You can do free online consult with Yanhee. Upload pictures of the scar taken from various angles. They will rell you what they recommend and what it will cost.




If your GF can do it in Thai,  it may help pricewise


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