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4 minutes ago, Susco said:

Your Kbank app is on your phone, so instead of using wifi, use your mobile network, as it will be different provider and IP as your PC.


If then still doesn't open, someone probably is having a party with the money that was in your account

Thanks , but i contacted  KK contact center already and all is still there ..... but even using mobile credit i tried and no work neither.

All my 3  digitals over wifi give same result , now .....that KK server react too slow , so i guess it is something in KK and my account .


Money still ok  contact center said , even the big account is not on K+ , i load the needed on the day by day account who is K+ connectable ,big one never using on ATM  only to transfer to little one .

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a sudden all is working online on Asus & Hybride tablet , nothing i changed , so must bin an internal fault KK (3BB?) , including my K+ app on mobile ...now working again .Before KK was like no more existing online for my internet things ....


I could reach K+ one by using my second Thai number by mobile paid internet , BUT NOT on the usual number not by my own wifi or mobile data  .....But  now yes all is working as before .


Well guys that was a scary thing as we know there are real clever I.T. crooks outside on internet  ...



All other sites i could reach but not much from Kasikorn , highest the home page and even multiple trials before getting on it..


It is quit a relief as a very very strange happening today to me only seems , that made it very creepy 🍾


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