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PM Prayut: Government able to buy COVID-19 vaccine for all Thais

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Looking at the photo, I didn't realise beauty salons were still open?

PM Prayut: Government able to buy COVID-19 vaccine for all Thais     BANGKOK (NNT) - Speaking of the government’s COVID-19 vaccine procurement budget, Prime Minister and Defense Mi

The Ena Sharples look is back in ..   

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there use to be some 5mln foreign workers.

Now is less, but still in millions.

From the title and the article it's all about thai citizens, those remaining millions are not mentioned at all.


The government is trying playing down the second wave, calming down with multiple promises.

Only 50% population can have jab this year.

In this situation planning can be done only for a few months, not for years.

Too many unknown how pandemic will develop, how good and lasting are vax.

The UK has contacted 200mln jabs for 70mln population. Malaysia has already reserved and money ringed for 83% of population. And they are already vaccinating for many weeks.

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4 hours ago, snoop1130 said:

Siam Bioscience, a Thai biopharmaceutical company, has received permission to produce the COVID-19 vaccine developed by AstraZeneca.

What happened to the Chinese Sinovac vaccine? Guess that deal fell through. And I thought this country with its Chinese ties favoured them. Uh-oh.

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Thai hospitals have lost a lot of profit since Covid began due to a lack of medical tourists and locals not wanting the full workups. They have already demonstrated they are eager to charge us bottomless pocket Farangs and rich Thai for the privilege of getting vaccinated early though the first effort was deemed illegal. At some point there should be a legal method to do this and those willing to pay should have access though the prices will be inflated. I'm not saying this is good or desirable only that I think for those who want the vaccine early and are willing to pay there will be a way.

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