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Thailand keeps getting colder

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Thailand keeps getting colder




NONG KHAI (NNT) - This week, Thailand can expect to face continuing cold weather. Some areas will even see very low temperatures, such as Nong Khai, where farm fish and cattle need extra care.


Today’s temperature in Nong Khai province was as low as 10 degrees Celsius. The temperature drop has had affects on fish in farms in the Mekong River, as they consume much less feed. Even more, smaller fish cannot tolerate the cold and more have died than usual. Fish farmers have to feed the fish with supplements and vitamins in order to keep them strong. In Hin Ngom sub-district alone there are over 50 farms which have been affected by the low temperatures.


Besides the fish, pets and other domestic animals also require more care. Owners of fighting roosters must put their birds in the sunlight or even light a fire to keep them warm and healthy.


Meanwhile, in Uthai Thani province, the temperature kept falling especially on higher ground. For instance, in Thong Lang, Huai Kot and Kan Makrood sub-districts, where the temperature was 9 - 10 degrees Celsius. Residents in the area had to put on more clothes and lit fires to keep themselves warm before going to work on their crops.


At the same time, in Chiang Rai, the governor Mr. Prajon Prachsakul, as a representative, received 300 blankets donated by teachers, students and parents from Anuban Chiang Rai School. The blankets will be passed to children and families in rural areas.



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4 hours ago, snoop1130 said:

Owners of fighting roosters must put their birds in the sunlight or even light a fire to keep them warm and healthy.

NNBT's public service message to TVF members?

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15 hours ago, stuandjulie said:
15 hours ago, Bangyai said:

In the UK they call 18 degrees summer.

No, that's a heat wave 🤣


I was there in June a few years back and it was 5 degrees. It's interesting though that, say, 15 degrees in the UK would be considered mild in winter and people would be happy, but people would be complaining about the same temperature in summer.

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