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Two members of WHO delegation to Wuhan held back over health screening

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it'll be like a guided tour thru Nth Korea - totally manicured, with well versed (under great threat from stage fright) actors etc etc

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1 hour ago, Proboscis said:

Trump has no smoking gun evidence on anything. And even if it were the case that the Chinese had released (accidentally or otherwise) the virus from a lab, the real fact remains that humanity lives in a petrie dish called planet earth and insists on creating conditions in that petrie dish that make an outbreak inevidable. In the case of covid-19, we are lucky that it is not as lethal as it could have been. It could have been another Spanish Flu or much worse.


Think you may find that 'if' it does exist, then any prosecution against him may disappear for fear of world chaos and not releasing it will be a 'get out of jail free' card. Watch this space.

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22 hours ago, RichardColeman said:

Like him or hate him, sure hope Trump releases his 'smoking gun evidence'  on China and covid before he leaves or gets evicted.


23 hours ago, snoop1130 said:

it was too soon to say whether the SARS-CoV-2 virus had jumped directly from bats to humans or had an intermediate animal host.


ooh, lemme guess........it was the kraken!



he's got nothing.  if he had some real actionable intel, he'd have released it by now.  what he does have is falun gong disinformation that's been picked up and copy-pasted on various bloggy websites.  seems obvious, given the only remarks he's made are on the order of "i've heard" and "people are sayin'."



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20 hours ago, Tropicalevo said:

This is all a big con by China.

Guys in Hazmat suits waiting by buses, but China was quick to show lots of people celebrating in Wuhan on New Years Eve. Very few wearing masks if I remember.

They must be pooing in their pants with what is happening near Beijing.


there were something like 150 new cases in hebei and heilongjiang, with the first death in about six months.


here in hainan, the locals went from 5% mask wearing to about 85% overnight, 100% in the malls and supermarkets.  i've heard they've re instituted quarantine for all travelers from the mainland, not just high-risk areas.


so much for tourism bubbles with thailand for spring festival.  schools will be closing this week or next, mass migration about to get underway.

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15 hours ago, richard_smith237 said:


I was too quick to jump at China.. Fair enough. 


BUT.. and antibody test is not the same as a RT PCR test. 


Antibody tests show a person has antibodies due to recent exposure to Covid-19, not that they have currently got it. 


Thus: Its not clear why they were kept behind - There is no report the two WHO delegates failed the RT PCR test. 



The two have taken a second test, and one of them, a British citizen was tested negative and so he was allowed to fly to China. The other, a Sudanese expert based in Qatar, was tested positive again, so he has to stay put in Singapore.

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