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Thailand reports 188 new COVID-19 cases, 600+ discharged from hospital

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Thailand reports 188 new COVID-19 cases, 600+ discharged from hospital



REUTERS FILE PHOTO for reference only


Thailand reported 188 new coronavirus cases on Friday, while hundreds more have been discharged from hospital.


Of the new cases, 81 were local transmissions, 73 were among migrant workers and 34 were imported from people entering quarantine.


Centre for COVID-19 Situation Administration (CCSA), Dr. Taweesin Visanuyothin also said 628 people had been discharged from hospital having made a full recovery. 


3,093 people remain in hospital or held in a migrant worker quarantine centre.


No new deaths were also reported. 


Friday’s cases bring the total number of COVID-19 infections in Thailand to 11,450, with 69 deaths.


The number of new infections and total cases in Thailand since 14 Dec is as follows:


14 Dec: +28 (4,237)

15 Dec: +9 (4,246)

16 Dec: +15 (4,261)

17 Dec: +20 (4,281)

18 Dec: +16 (4,297)

19 Dec: +34 (4,331)

20 Dec: +576 (4,907)

21 Dec: +382 (5,289)

22 Dec: +427 (5,716)

23 Dec: +46 (5,762)

24 Dec: +67 (5,829)

25 Dec: +81 (5,910)

26 Dec: +110 (6,020)

27 Dec: +121 (6,141)

28 Dec: +144 (6,285)

29 Dec: +155 (6,440)

30 Dec: +250 (6,690)

31 Dec: +194 (6,884)

1 Jan: +279 (7,163)

2 Jan: +216 (7,379) 

3 Jan: +315 (7,694)

4 Jan: +745 (8,439)

5 Jan: +527 (8,966)

6 Jan:+365 (9,331)

7 Jan:+305 (9,636)

8 Jan:+205 (9,841)

9 Jan:+212 (10,053)

10 Jan:+245 (10,298)

11 Jan:+249 (10,547)

12 Jan:+287 (10,834)

13 Jan:+157 (10,991)

14 Jan:+271 (11,262)

15 Jan:+188 (11,450)



-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2021-01-15


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188 new Covid-19 cases reported, including 13 caught sneaking across border

By The Nation




The Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration (CCSA) reported 188 new cases on Friday, including 34 people who returned from overseas or sneaked across the border.


Of the returnees, 13 are Thai nationals, including one from the US, one from the Czech Republic, one from Sudan, one from the United Arab Emirates, six from Germany and three from Turkey.


Also testing positive were a British national who flew in from Hungary, a French national from Belgium, an Indian from Kuwait, a Filipino, a Pakistani national, a Russian, a Swiss national and an Egyptian national who flew in from their respective nations.


Meanwhile, 13 Thais were arrested for sneaking across the Thai-Myanmar border and sent to Mae Sot hospital for treatment.


Of the new cases, 81 were exposed to the virus while visiting high-risk areas. Provinces with the highest number of infections are Bangkok with 27 and Samut Sakhon with 47.


Proactive testing led to 73 cases, mostly in Samut Sakhon where 52 foreigners tested positive.


Meanwhile, 628 patients have recovered and been discharged.


The total number of confirmed cases in Thailand has risen to 11,450 – 9,204 of which were contracted domestically, including 3,260 found via proactive testing and 2,246 returnees. So far, 8,288 have recovered and been discharged, 3,093 patients are still in hospital and the death toll remains at 69.


According to Worldometer, as of midnight on Thursday, the total number of confirmed cases globally had risen to 93.53 million (up by 749,265), 66.8 million have recovered, 24.7 million are active cases (111,793 in severe condition) and 2 million have died (up by 16,001).


Thailand ranks 128th on the global list of most cases, while the US tops the list with 23.85 million, followed by India 10.53 million, Brazil 8.32 million, Russia 3.49 million and the United Kingdom 3.26 million.


Source: https://www.nationthailand.com/news/30401290




-- © Copyright The Nation Thailand 2021-01-15
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Just maybe the horse has not bolted.. Tomorrow under 100 would be going in the right direction.

The internal economy needs a break so I hope so or am I dreaming ?

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7 hours ago, natway09 said:

Tomorrow under 100 would be going in the right direction.


Don't give them ideas, they may read this forum

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6 hours ago, AmySeeker said:

Stubbornly remains. 


It's all over for any sort of normality in the near future. 

2020 the year the animal called "normal" became illegal and extinguished and will soon become extinct.

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1 hour ago, Soikhaonoiken said:

Only because they are doing less testing, they have to make the numbers fit some how.... 

The Thai Sars Cov 2 flatline is unique to this country.

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