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More calls to legalize casinos - "line the state's coffers, not mafia pockets"

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Mafia, a.k.a. politicians and police ! 

I never realized there was a difference!

thailand being thailand will legalize casinos but still insist that gambling is illegal

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You'd be surprised...they might just go for it now that desperation sets in with the loss of billions in tourism revenues, never put any nee jerk moves by the governments to fill back their empty coffers...

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17 minutes ago, JoePai said:

Just so happens there is one already built for the purpose called Ambassador City Jomtien  😎

And the owners are ????? 

I thought it would have opened by now. 

Personally, I am for the many small business owners running their gambling dens. Make a big casino and all those small business people get wiped out as happened in Melbourne in the 1990s and the very rich get richer. 
The Melbourne casino was owned by the Packers, already one of the richest families in Australia. They wiped out all the little guys, two up schools, and especially in Chinatown.


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Legalization, sure, but something tells me we'll still see mafia, loan sharks and corruption as soon as it opens and regulations and political responsibilities goes out of the window.

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