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Khon Kaen: Thai police bust illegal horse meat operation - 100 baht/kilo bound for Vietnam and China

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Khon Kaen: Thai police bust illegal horse meat operation - 100 baht/kilo bound for Vietnam and China



Image: INN News


Police in Khon Kaen in Thailand's north east announced the arrest of a 44 year old Thai woman called Kanyarat and charged her with various offences connected to dealing in illegal horse meat. 


She had no licence and moved animals contrary to regulations from Nakhon Ratchasima to a farm in Waeng Yai district of Khon Kaen. 


Investigators found 44 horses about to be slaughtered at a processing plant. 


The farm owner was also arrested. 


INN reported that once cut up the meat would sell for 100 baht a kilo and be smuggled across a natural border before being delivered to markets in Vietnam and China. 


Source: INN News



-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2021-01-16
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I don't think horse is banned, they see, to have lacked the proper licenses.


I doubt you would be able to operate a run of the mill cattle abattoir without the correct licenses either.


Having said that, I've never eaten horse and don't intend to start.

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19 hours ago, DaLa said:

Try to get rabbit or some game in the UK, PC brigade only want to eat chicken nuggets. I once went to a restaurant in Rio and there were 16 different meats on the menu..no veg;  just a slice of this and another slice of that please. 


Isn't this because in the west we weren't fed this from when we were born?  Just look at the Thais munching down insects as an expensive treat. I personally draw a line at the insect buffet and of course cannibalism.

You wouldn't have a leg to stand on.


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I think the story here should be not whether it is horse meat but rather the sanitary environment for processing, storage and shipping. 100 Baht per kilo sounds too cheap for such an exotic meat and I doubt food safety standards are followed. Is it shipped frozen? If not then does it "age" like beef? Could be rank by the time it gets consumed. What about vector for virus transmission? Who knows!


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