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On 1/16/2021 at 1:49 PM, 1FinickyOne said:

Do you trim it off?


Do you toss the entire piece? 


Do you hope that maybe it is good for you and eat it anyway? 

Eat it every time, good for your immune system

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On 1/16/2021 at 2:25 PM, ballpoint said:

Eat mouldy cheese and people will stay as far away from you as they can anyway.

That helps social distancing. 55555, very necessary nowadays...:cheesy:😇🥶

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I agree about cutting off the mouldy outer layer but don't shave it off. As has been said the mould is not just skin deep. Blue cheese is possibly a good choice if you have any infections but amoxicillin is probably cheaper. 

"Blue cheese is a type of cheese made using cultures of Penicillium, a type of mold.

Certain types of mold produce compounds called mycotoxins, which are considered toxic to humans.

These mold spores can grow on foods due to spoilage, and they’re typically fuzzy and white, green, black, blue, or grey.

However, unlike these types of mold, the varieties of Penicillium used to produce blue cheese don’t produce toxins and are considered safe to consume.

During the cheesemaking process, Penicillium is added after the curds have been drained and rolled into wheels. The blue cheese is then left to age for 2–3 months before it’s ready to enjoy.

Penicillium is responsible for the distinct taste and smell of blue cheese, along with its signature blue and green veins and spots."

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3 hours ago, AhFarangJa said:

Trim it off, and as previously mentioned, never touch cheese with bare fingers. 

And if you are making a ham, cheese and salad sandwich remember to use a separate cutting board for meat, dairy, vegs and bread. And never touch any of it with your bare hands unless suitably sanitised.   LOL

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